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Awesome Chantilly

2019 AQHA Gelding

His Story:

I know this is the type of horse someone out there has been searching very hard for... Meet my boy Maverick! This exceptional 5 yo AQHA registered bay roan gelding is your family's next ranch & trail riding superstar! Maverick is as reliable as they come, making him ideal for riders of all ages. In fact, I would trust anyone on him. About a month ago I had an older man come ride that hadn't been on a horse in 2 1/2 - 3 years due to a double hip replacement. The moment he sat on Mav, I was thrilled to witness that smile on his face. Seeing the comfort and confidence this horse brings to those on his back is unparalleled. A gentle temperament + a knack for adventure make him the perfect companion for creating lasting memories! He navigates trails with ease, excels in solo rides (happily rides out with a group as well) and confidently faces any water, terrain, or obstacles he may encounter. His levelheadedness is unwavering! Maverick is the kind of horse that lets you put your hand down & enjoy every step of the trip. He's a true Cadillac on the trail but shines when it comes to traffic-safety too! You can ride him alongside the busiest roads with COMPLETE confidence. Watch his video and see for yourself. Ranch chores are also no problem for Mav! Talk about proficient + you’ll get a kick out ofriding one as easy as him! Side pass up to any gate, check outside cattle, ride pens - he has plenty of experience around cattle. This gelding is an expert at providing a secure and enjoyable riding experience no matter what. A go-anywhere, do-anything kind of guy! Sweet Maverick is a horse you'll love from the start. His friendly personality makes him a pleasure to be around, coming up to you in the stall or pasture to be caught. Gets along well with other horses, dogs, ponies & people. Mav is well-mannered in every aspect — He stands quietly to be groomed, saddled, bathed, loads/unloads great. It doesn't matter what you're doing, he loves spending time with people. He especially enjoys when the lesson kids come over and spend the evenings brushing him & sitting on him bareback while he grazes. Currently barefoot & stands at an ideal height of 15.1 hands. Maverick was born on the Walker Ranch in Montana and raised by a trusted friend of mine here in Weatherford, TX. It's the Mr Pete Oswald out of a High Rolling Roany mare that makes this cross unique. This genetic combination is proven and highly sought after. There's no doubt Maverick is special. He is a true compliment to his lineage. In this horse, I see so many remarkable characteristics that you don't find every day. He has been vetted & is ready to roll. Maverick will bring an unmatched level of warmth and reliability to your barn.

Maverick is located in Stephenville, TX & we can arrange transport to any location. 

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