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I have gone back & forth on selling this horse because I genuinely LOVE him & know he has all the talent in the world. However, I am no longer a betty barrel racer and he is simply too nice to let sit around. I've owned this horse since he was 4 years old. He has placed in the 1/2D all over North Texas, and attended a couple ammy rodeos on the east coast.His life experience extends beyond the arena - I have hauled him to Wyoming to use for gatherings, trail riding in Kentucky, and to Arizona to swim in the salt river. 

Toothless comes LOADED with talent and is hands down one of the fastest horses I’ve swung a leg over. He is a powerful individual with a lot of go and needs someone accustomed to that type of horse. Would do best in a home that rides regularly. No buck or rear - I can throw a saddle on & go if he's been sitting. He is sound and has been meticulously cared for his entire life. I haven’t had him in a consistent program or routine in about a year & a half - the price reflects that. If you have time to invest, purchasing this horse is a no-brainer. Toothless stands 14.2/14.3, is up to date on all care. Just had a check up at OE & he is ready to roll! But it doesn’t hurt my feelings if he stays either… I’m an open book about this horse & happy to answer any questions. - $30,000

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