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Corn Dog

2019 AQHA Gelding

Hey folks, meet "DOUBLEDOGDAREN" aka Corn Dog. He's stunning. He’s kind-hearted. He's timeless. This 2019 AQHA Gelding is loved by everyone of all ages. Corn Dog is a remarkable palomino with an old soul & endless charm! He has been my favorite since he was a colt, it's been a pleasure to watch him grow into the horse he is today. Renowned for his family-friendly nature, Corn Dog is adored by kids and cherished by families for his gentle demeanor and unwavering reliability. Having blazed trails across the country, he's the ideal partner for embarking on unforgettable adventures in the great outdoors. Corn Dog knows no stranger and no strange place - I call him my "Big Yellow Taxi". We've loaded him up and hauled him with us all over the country - the white sands of NM, the deserts of AZ, Big Sky Wyoming, Nebraska Sandhills, the heavily wooded hills of Kentucky & Indiana - the list goes on. He is steady outside in rough terrain or thick brush & loves water! Corn Dog brings a wealth of experience to every ride, ensuring safe and enjoyable adventures for riders of all ages. His talents don't stop there—he thrives on working cattle and eagerly tackles any ranch chores thrown his way. Ranching is Corn Dog's happy place & he is handy to have around. He has put in long days working at feed yards & doctoring wheat pasture cattle & we've used him to halter break our colts. He's also traffic safe; we've ridden him down downtown Fort Worth, in many drive-thrus, and in several grand entries. Providing us with friends & memories that will last a lifetime, in places all over the country!

But Corn Dog isn't just about leisurely rides—step into the arena and experience the feeling of riding a horse with exceptional smoothness and quiet confidence. With seamless transitions and fun stops, Corn Dog turns every ride into a joyous occasion. His innate talent and enthusiasm make him an ideal choice for showing in the Ranch Riding/VRH classes, where his skills and versatility will undoubtedly earn admiration & accolades.

Children are drawn to this dreamy palomino like magnets, captivated by his calm demeanor and reliability. He happily babysits them all day, dealing with their shenanigans like a saint. Every time I have guests over, he is my go-to because I know he's dependable. His way of making families feel right at home has even left a lasting impression on my own. Corn Dog is always gentle, even with extended time off. & Talk about a total gentleman on the ground! His personality is engaging, you’ll always find him in your back pocket. Easy to catch & the kids love giving him treats &brushing his long mane. Corn dog is by a son of "RED PINE DUN", known to stamp his offspring with tough feet, sizable bone, and of course stamina. He is no different from his great ancestry—with a sturdy build & fantastic hooves, this gelding was made to last. He stands 15 hands, is completely sound, sane & healthy. There is a scar on his front left foot that is 100% cosmetic.

If you're seeking a horse with a soul as timeless as the bond you'll share, look no further than Corn Dog. He is the real deal for someone wanting their forever horse, you'll love every day you spend with him. 

Corn Dog is located at C Fork Horses in Stephenville, Texas. Please contact Cheyenne @ 480-907-8516 with any questions or to set up an appointment to come meet Corn Dog in person!




Miles Traveled. Memories Made.

Owning Corn Dog has been so much fun throughout the years! I've seen an array of views between his two yellow ears & he's carried me through all sorts of country, all over the place. 


PCSP Parade

Weatherford, Texas


O'Bannon Woods State Park

Cordyn, Indiana


Deer Track Ranch

Gillette, Wyoming


Dinosaur Valley State Park

Glen Rose, Texas


Ohio River

Louisville, Kentucky

Corn Dog's


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